Propagate Golden Pothos

How to Propagate Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos are one of the easiest plants to propagate. They root really easily regardless of how you start it.

Gotta Chop To Prop(agate).

Pick a vine that’s getting a little too long and chop it at the stem in between a set of leaves.

Right at the base of each leaf, along the stem, there should be a little black bump/point sticking off the stem. That’s called the node. You need at least one node per cut section.

Keep the node moist.

Fill a glass, a bottle, a bowl, (basically anything that holds water) with water. Place your freshly cut stems so that the node is below the water and the leaf is above it.

Place it in a window where your cat won’t get to it and now we wait.

If you have a propagation box, you can also just throw it in there. I’ll have a post on getting a propagation box set up soon. Stay tuned for that!

Eventually, plant in soil (or not).

Within a few days or a week or so you should start to notice the node start to get longer and longer. It’s turning in to a brand new root, and it’s own whole new plant!

You can definitely just leave it in water for as long as you want. However, I’ve found that in water, if there’s too much space for roots to grow, you won’t get a ton of new leaf growth.

When you’ve got a good 2-4 inches of new root growth (or more), you can transfer it to soil. Start with a pot small enough for the roots to comfortably fill the space. If you go too big, the plant will focus all of it’s energy into making new roots instead of new leaves, and could lead to root rot and the cuttings dying.

You can combine multiple cuttings into a single pot to start with a more lush pot.

You can skip the water if you want.

If you’re feeling lazy, you can also just take your pothos cuttings and chuck them straight into soil. Make sure to keep the soil very moist for the first few days.

Some people don’t like this method because you can’t tell if the roots are actually making any progress. For Pothos, because they generally root so quickly, it doesn’t really matter. Although I personally start my Golden Pothos propagation in water.

Go Forth & Propagate Pothos

It’s SO easy to propagate golden pothos (or any pothos for that matter). Just chop it, keep the node moist and then transfer it to soil. It’s a great beginner plant to propagate and makes it addictingly simple to multiple your houseplant collection. I have at least 8 different pothos plants in my house that all came off one mother plant, and countless others I’ve given away as gifts to friends.




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