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Golden Pothos

Growing & Care Guide

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The Golden Pothos, or Devil’s Ivy, is a very common houseplant, popular among beginners. With its low light tolerance, ease of propagation, and easy-going watering needs, the golden pothos can thrive in pretty much every condition and can make a stunning addition to any houseplant homie’s home.

Golden Pothos Care Guide

Golden Pothos (and most other varieties) are fairly easy to care for and a good houseplant for beginners. The very first houseplant that started my addiction all those years ago was a golden pothos I got from my local grocery store.

Watering Your Pothos

The Pothos plant is super easy when it comes to water. Water your pothos when the soil is between halfway and completely dry. I recommend waiting to water until you start to notice a little bit of droop and curling in the leaves in order to prevent overwatering.

What Kind Of Soil Is Best For The Golden Pothos

Pothos plants typically aren’t all that picky when it comes to soil. Like most other plants your priority should be on well-draining soil. A balanced mix of perlite, regular potting soil, and sphagnum moss will give your pothos all the nutrients it needs, while still providing plenty of drainage to prevent root rot.

How Much Light Does The Pothos Need?

Pothos can survive in anything from low light all the way up to full direct outdoor sun. Typically, I’ve found that they are happiest within 1-3 feet of a south-facing window.

Given that it’s a vine-type plant if your pothos isn’t getting enough light, it’s going to do its best to stretch into as much light as possible. If you end up with lots of space between each individual node, it’s probably a good sign you should move your Pothos closer to the window.

Keep in mind, even though your golden pothos CAN survive in low light, that doesn’t mean it’s going to THRIVE in low light. Don’t expect much growth to come from the pothos you have hanging in your windowless bathroom.